Our People

Bob Singletary

As Head Miller, Bob creates the olive oil varieties and tastes every batch of oil we make.

“I learned to make olive oil while working at a company that made table olives, I’m essentially self taught. We started experimenting with the leftover olives and made some really great oil! That was over 30 years ago…I get really excited because each year at California Olive Ranch brings a completely different set of challenges, especially as the company grows quickly. But it’s completely worth it when we get together and taste great olive oil at the end of every harvest.”

“I like our Miller’s Blend. I sprinkle it over salads and even use it to fry fish.”

Gregg Kelley

As CEO, Gregg oversees all of the activities in growing, milling, and marketing great olive oil.

“I had previously worked in Silicon Valley as the CFO of a technology company. I love how we use technology to make a very traditional food even better, and as a food lover I can’t get enough good olive oil. The people here are incredibly dedicated and passionate about making great oil. It drives everything we do.”

“I’m a big fan of the ‘everyday’ extra virgin olive oil. It goes well with everything.”

Mike Forbes

As VP / Sales & Marketing, Mike spends his days thinking about ways to introduce people to our great extra virgin olive oil.

“I fell in love with California Olive Ranch when I first dipped bread in the oil at a restaurant. At that point I thought to myself…’This is amazing!’ I knew I had to work here…I love the incredible variety in my days. One day I’m working with an award-winning chef, the next day I’m walking the fields and talking about the harvest.”

“I really like our Limited Reserve. Just a drizzle turns simple, everyday foods such as grilled potatoes into the star of the meal!”

Jim Lipman

As VP of Production Operations, Jim manages all of the bottling and distribution orders.

“I was the manager of a specialty food company in Napa and have developed a great appreciation for fine foods. I joined because of the opportunity to be a part of a growing business that makes such fresh and flavorful oils. I like that we create a pure product with our olives going from branch to bottle within minutes. It is an incredible and exciting process.”

“I like to incorporate the Miller’s Blend into the majority of my cooking. I consider myself a foodie with an advanced palette, so I love to cook everything.”

Dana Goodman
As CFO, Dana manages all of the Finance, IT and HR functions.

“I have been in the fresh produce industry most of my career, and have always valued fresh ingredients. When I was introduced to California Olive Ranch and first tasted the oil, I was overwhelmed with the fresh, fruity flavor. I quickly began substituting it for everything and using in all of our cooking. But what sold me on joining the company was the fantastic group of dedicated people, with a passion for making not only great quality olive oil, but who were also dedicated to making a great company!”