Our Freshly Pressed 2017 Limited Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In California, we have a habit of modernizing traditions. Giving a nod to tried-and-true techniques, but injecting innovative enhancements. We at California Olive Ranch are unceasing in our dedication to offering products Made Right, Here. And, with our annual Limited Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we’re able to offer a traditional Italian-style olio nuovo, cold-pressed here in California. Each year, immediately after the fruit is harvested and pressed, we dedicate a small amount of our fresh olive oil for this special blend.

What is Olio Nuovo

This oil is cold-pressed and bottled with some of the olive fruit particles suspended in the oil. (As opposed to allowing the fruit particles to settle and bottling the oil from the top of the tank.) With the inclusion of olive sediment, this oil has an extra robust flavor. It has the highest percentage of polyphenols too – antioxidants responsible for the health benefits associated with extra virgin olive oil. We can’t wait for you to try our olio nuovo grown in California soil!

This Year’s Blend

Each year’s Limited Reserve blend is different, curated by our expert millers. Their goal is to showcase a flavor profile representative of the year’s crop. Our 2017 Limited Reserve is a blend of two of the olive varietals we grow on our ranches, Arbequina and Koroneiki. The flavor notes highlight both the green grass and herbaceous notes of Arbequina, with a note of tropical fruit, some might even say pear, from the Koroneiki.

The Limited Reserve is a perfect gift for the holidays, and since it’s best if consumed within 9 months of harvest, don’t let it sit on the shelf too long! This oil will add fresh olive-y flavor notes to holiday recipes. Try it as a marinade for a Castelvetrano olive appetizer, drizzled on grilled steak or vegetables, or even in a festive olive oil cocktail.


Where to Get It

This blend is available online only! Order yours on our shop, here. We hope you enjoy this year’s Limited Reserve! If you take a photo of your extra virgin olive oil dish, post it to social media, tag us @CAOliveRanch, and use the hashtag #MyCORKitchen to be featured on our page!


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