2020 Harvest

How was the 2020 Harvest? 

Our 2020 Harvest was great! While it was smaller than our 2019 harvest, we were able to produce really high quality extra virgin olive oil.

Why was it smaller than the 2019 harvest?

Olive trees are alternate bearing, which means that we will have a big yield one year followed by a small yield the next. This cycle repeats, and we anticipate a large harvest yield in 2021.

Are you currently shipping 2020 oil? 

It varies from product to product.  Our number one focus when blending oil is on quality. We are currently bottling 2019 oil, 2020 oil, and 2019-2020 blends.

Is oil from 2019 still good?

Yes! Our oils are stored in light filtering temperature controlled stainless steel tanks with nitrogen until bottling. This maintains both taste and quality by reducing the top 3 causes of oil degradation- light, temperature, oxygen. We also test the oil in each tank on a monthly basis so that we can guarantee the quality of our oil in storage prior to bottling.

What date should I be looking at instead of harvest year?

For the best indicator of quality, we’d recommend checking the “best buy” date on the back of your bottle.  This date is determined based on bottling date.


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