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A Nice Dose of Smoke: Cedar-Planked Steak w/ Honey-Rosemary Sauce

We particularly like to fire up our grill during summer. We like the flavor of grilled food, for starters. And we can avoid heating up the kitchen. One of our favorite grilling methods is cooking fish, poultry and meat on a cedar plank. So we’ve teamed with the meat experts at Idaho-based  Double R Ranch Co. to create this cedar-planked New York steak with rosemary and honey. (Click here to see the recipe.)

“Grilling with cedar planks imparts a subtle, smoky flavor to meats that doesn’t occur with traditional gas or charcoal grilling,” says Rebecca Robison, chef for Double R. Ranch, part of a family-owned and managed cattle company that’s a leading provider of high-quality beef.

In this recipe, the steaks are flavored with a marinade made from extra virgin olive oil, rosemary, red chile flakes, fennel, garlic and lemon zest. After they’re grilled on the cedar planks, the steaks get a finishing drizzle with a honey and rosemary sauce. (Click here to see the recipe.)

Our Arbequina oil  would be a good choice for preparing the marinade and the sauce. Arbequina’s natural fruitiness draws out the sweetness of both the grilled steak and the honey rosemary sauce.

And if you’re like us and like to grill, check out our Facebook page where you’ll find giveaways next week of our oils as well as  steaks and cedar planks from Double R Ranch.

Also, have a look at our July eNewsletter. It showcases grilling and feature recipes for grilled vegetables, seafood, and steak. (Click here to see our July eNewsletter.)

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