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A Rustic Paella That Won’t Keep You in the Kitchen All Day

Count us among those who recall each time we’ve sat down to have paella. The famed Spanish dish is a showstopper. Moreover, making it is easier than you think. Mediterranean food guru Joyce Goldstein notes paella “need not be an elaborate and expensive dish.” (Click here to see rustic paella recipe.)

Photograph Copyright 2006 by Joyce Oudkerk Pool http://www.jopstudio.com/

“Some of the very best paellas are the simplest, combining just rice, chicken, and mussels, with a few added beans or peas,” Joyce says in the book Perfect Pairings (University of California Press, 2006), written by her son: the noted sommelier Evan Goldstein.

Joyce created the recipes for the book, which features food and wine pairings. And looking through the paella recipe backs Joyce’s contention that it need not be pricey or complicated. It combines chicken, shrimp, and clams (or mussels) along with rice, tomatoes (canned are fine), peas or beans, wine, and herbs and spices like saffron. (Click here to see the recipe.)

For this dish, Evan Goldstein recommends serving an “excellent all around” Sangiovese wine. And just like wine, different olive oils pair well with different foods. We’d recommend using one of our more robust oils to prepare this paella, such as our Miller’s Blend or Arbosana.

If you want to read more about pairing olive oil and wine with different foods – and get some excellent recipes – have a look at our June eNewsletter. (Click here to see the June eNews.) We showcase California olive oil and wine. As a maker of California extra virgin olive oil, we like to tell people the Golden state makes more than great wine!

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