A Savory Muffin with a Feta and Sage Kick

Matthew Kadey loves muffins. So much so that he’s devoted an entire food blog to the topic: Muffin Tin Mania. There, he provides flavorful and healthy recipes for sweet and savory muffins. The feta sage muffins featured here fall into the latter camp. (Click here to see the recipe.) “So moist and full of savory deliciousness, it’s really hard to eat just one of these feta-infused muffins,” he writes. Sage provides another flavor.

The muffins also use chickpea (garbanzo) puree, which makes them “more nutrient dense and a healthier snack overall.” The olive oil, Kadey notes, “is rich in anti-inflammatory compounds.” (Click here to see the recipe.)

You could use our robust Arbosana or Miller’s blend oils for these savory muffins to add yet another layer of flavor.

Kadey, by the way, is a registered dietitian, recipe developer, and magazine writer whose work has appeared in EatingWell and Men’s Health.

He’s also a proponent of using a good extra virgin olive oil in baking, noting the quality of the olive oil you use makes a difference.

“Only use an olive oil that you enjoy eating on salads, as a bread dip, etc.,” he says. “If you don’t particularly like the taste of a highly processed olive oil, why sully your baking with it. As the old saw goes: ‘Never cook with a wine you wouldn’t want to drink.'”

To get more baking recipes using extra virgin olive oil, visit our January eNewsletter, which is devoted to the topic. (Click here to see the January eNewsletter.)

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