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A Wild Mushroom Omelet from the Mountains of Morocco

You like to forage for wild mushrooms. Or you prefer to buy them at your local grocery. Doesn’t matter. This recipe is for mushroom lovers – an herb-infused wild mushroom omelet from the mountains of North Africa. (Click here to see the recipe.) Cookbook author Jeff Koehler says he came across this dish in Morocco’s Rif Mountains. A chef there whipped up “a pair of divine omelets” using wild mushrooms Koehler and his family had gathered in the local pine forest.

The recipe – from Koehler’s  book Morocco (Chronicle Books, 2012) – is based on those omelets. (Click here to see the recipe.)

At least two varieties of wild mushrooms are quickly seared in hot extra virgin olive oil to seal in the juices. (Our Everyday Fresh oil would be a good choice.) Three eggs are then whisked together along with most of the mushrooms, and cooked in garlic-flavored extra virgin olive oil.

While in the pan, the omelet gets a sprinkling of fresh parsley and a bay leaf is placed in the center. Unlike many omelets, this one isn’t turned. After coming out of the pan, the omelet is topped with the remaining mushrooms, a pinch of parsley, some dried oregano, and the cooked garlic clove used to flavor the cooking oil.

Koehler recommends giving the omelet a finishing drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. We’d use our fruity Arbequina to draw out the flavors of the mushrooms and the herbs.

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