Announcing Destination Series

Our line of Destination Series extra virgin of olive oil. From left to right, Mild & Buttery olive oil, everyday olive oil, and Rich & Robust olive oil.

This November, we’re proud to introduce a new suite of products, called Destination Series.

Here at California Olive Ranch we’ve been farming olives since 1998. We were founded on the idea of advancing the olive oil industry and the mission of showing Americans what great olive oil tastes like. At our core, we are farmers who continue to learn and improve upon our techniques in order to consistently deliver quality product. We’ve made advancements to the way olives are grown, harvested and milled – both in California and around the world.

It’s no secret that farming is a difficult business and growing olives is not without its challenges. Olives are a sensitive crop prone to harsh weather, pests, and since they are alternate bearing, it can make harvest unpredictable. This year, we, along with farmers of all kinds of crops throughout California, were hit with a freeze during our bloom season. This drastically reduced the size of our crop, compromising our ability to make good on our promise of providing Americans with high quality extra virgin olive oil at a reasonable price.

This instance came as no surprise; we have been preparing for changing weather patterns for quite some time now. Over the years, we’ve fostered valuable relationships with farmers around the globe just like us to mutually learn from each other and grow the olive oil industry together.

Faced with a challenge, we knew we weren’t willing to waver on our values and we didn’t want to back down on our promise of providing delicious, affordable extra virgin olive oil. We brought California extra virgin olive oil to the main stage in the United States and now we intend to do the same with exceptional extra virgin olive oil from around the world. Why? To stay true to our mission of showing Americans what great olive oil tastes like.

After many years of perfecting the craft, we are excited to finally announce our collaboration with our global partners – a blend of only the highest-quality extra virgin olive oil from California and around the world, called Destination Series. This line is a new suite of products that celebrates farmers who share the same passion and drive for quality as we do. We are proud to highlight their extra virgin olive oil alongside our California extra virgin olive oil in our new Destination Series line of products. Grown globally, crafted in California.

We’ve always thought it was essential that our products are made by people who care about great oil. We take pride in our team and our partners – the people who have made it possible for us to push the industry forward and to supply great olive oil. This new product line was years in the making and crafted alongside a thoughtfully curated selection of producers. As always, we care about offering consistently great taste and quality, which means that our Destination Series extra virgin olive oils have passed the highest of standards from the OOCC, are certified extra virgin, to ensure we are only producing the best.

We have always and will always conduct our business with a high level of transparency. We want you to know what you’re buying and the people and business you’re supporting by buying it. While some things have changed, most haven’t. We’re still farming olives in California – in fact we’ve just completed the largest olive tree planting ever in California in 2018. We will continue to plant additional acreage and grow the supply of California extra virgin olive oil, year after year. We continue to invest in the latest technology, from our farming operations to milling to storage and bottling, so you get the freshest tasting extra virgin olive oil. We are privately owned and operated. We uphold the strictest extra virgin olive oil standards in the world through the OOCC, including the oil we import from our grower partners in other countries. Our oils are stored, bottled and distributed from our facility in Artois, California. We continue to offer 100% California extra virgin olive oil in our Reserve Collection line of products.

Our flavor profiles for Everyday, Mild & Buttery and Rich & Robust will remain the same. We sourced extra virgin olive oil very specifically and carefully to ensure that the Destination Series line will always match the same great taste you and know and love from California Olive Ranch. You’ll notice we made some packaging updates to the front of the label – showcasing Destination Series. We also made sure the back label clearly lists all of the countries that worked together to create the product you’re using.

New oils, same California Olive Ranch and it is our belief that together we can grow something bigger. This new line of products provides a more stable supply on grocery store shelves and additional growth opportunities for us and our grower partners around the world. We sincerely hope you enjoy our Destination Series line of products.

As always, we love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out to us at CustServ@cal-olive.com.

Olive trees, where we get our olives to press into extra virgin olive oil.

Newly planted olive tree saplings in a crop row.

a man pulling a bunch of olives off of a tree.


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