Artisanal Treat: A Sweet & Savory, Olive Oil-Inspired Ice Cream Sandwich

The gurus behind Coolhaus ice cream sandwiches are using our extra virgin olive oil to create a new frozen delicacy: an ice cream sandwich featuring olive oil ice cream scooped in between two olive oil, pine nut and rosemary cookies. (Click here for the recipe.)

New Yorkers will get a chance to sample this artisanal treat this Saturday, July 21 (details below). Or you can whip these up in your own kitchen with the recipe.

L.A.-based Coolhaus, which operates a fleet of ultra-cool food trucks in selected cities around the country, are known for attracting a cultish following for their ice cream sandwiches. So we’re psyched to team with them to bring you this new olive oil-inspired ice cream sandwich.

“The olive oil gives a smoothness and almost creamy quality to the ice cream – and we’ve actually had many tasters of the olive oil ice cream say they find it surprisingly refreshing and nourishing, almost like a ‘day at the spa’ (I’m serious about this comment),” Coolhaus CEO Natasha Case explains.

“As far as the cookies,” she adds, “the olive oil resonates on both a sweet, fruity level, but also adds savory notes … hence the complexity of the cookie that tends to attract a more sophisticated palate.” (Click here to see the recipe.)

And those olive oil, pine nut and rosemary cookies featuring sweet and savory ingredients?

“The lemon enhances the sweet, fruity components of the olive oil,” Case says. “And the rosemary and pine nuts speak to the savory notes.”

Every Coolhaus ice cream sandwich is all-natural, handmade and organic whenever possible. The dairy is sustainably produced and free of artificial growth hormones. Coolhaus also uses local and seasonal farmers’ market fresh ingredients.

The company has grown from one truck in Los Angeles to multiple trucks in L.A., New York, Austin, Miami, and Dallas.

And if you live in the Big Apple: Head to Union Square this Saturday. The Coolhaus truck will be handing out the ice cream sandwiches from noon to 3 pm. It also will be giving away scoops of Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream topped with a drizzle of our Arbequina and a sprinkling of flaky salt.

Bon appétit,

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