Environmental Sustainability at California Olive Ranch

REDUCED WATER USAGE The hardy, desert dwelling olive tree makes olives the most water efficient, low input crop to grow. Using this to our advantage, California Olive Ranch’s olive trees are on 100% drip irrigation, which increases water usage efficiency and allows less water to evaporate. The soil’s moisture content is managed in real time … Read more

Quick Facts

1. IT’S REALLY GOOD FOR YOU Incorporating olive oil as a part of your daily diet has shown to promote heart health, lower blood pressure, and decrease risk of diabetes. 2. YOU CAN PUT OLIVE OIL IN EVERYTHING Extra virgin olive oil has a wide range of flavor profiles which makes it an ideal cooking … Read more

Food Pairing

We have a variety of extra virgin olive oils each with their own unique flavor profile. To help round out your favorite meals, use this handy guide for selecting the right extra virgin olive oil to enhance your dish. COMPLEMENT OR CONTRAST? When selecting extra virgin olive oils, it’s a good idea to consider the … Read more

Cooking With Extra Virgin Olive Oil

WHAT CAN YOU COOK WITH EVOO? For many, cooking with extra virgin olive oil seems to have rules and myths associated with it. But in reality, extra virgin olive oil is one of the best oils to cook with! Extra virgin olive oil is perfect for cooking, frying, sautéing, poaching, dressing and baking. Cooking with … Read more

Harvesting Methods

We are proud to be part of a California legacy dating back 300 years to the Spanish who brought the first olive trees to California. We’re building on that rich heritage and California history by using the latest methods in olive cultivating and collecting. The key to making high-quality olive begins in knowing the right … Read more

Growing Regions

The olive tree, Olea Europa, is native to the Mediterranean basin, originating in ancient Greece. Historically, olive oil has been used for religious rituals, medicines, as a fuel in oil lamps, soap-making, and body care. As one of the oldest and most important domesticated crops raised by humans, the olive tree has diverged naturally and spread around … Read more

How to Taste

FORMAL EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL TASTING PROCESS SWIRL Begin by pouring a tablespoon of olive oil into a small glass. Cup the bottom of the glass in your hand to warm the oil; cover the top with your other hand and swirl gently to release the aromas. SMELL Bring the glass to your nose and … Read more

Grades of Olive Oil

WHAT IS EXTRA VIRGIN? “Extra virgin olive oil is essentially the naturally extracted juice from fresh olives. The olives are crushed into a paste, and the oil is physically extracted from this paste without the use of chemicals or excessive heat,” Australian olive oil expert Richard Gawel notes. “Extra virgin olive oil has a distinctive olive fruity aroma … Read more

Extra Virgin Olive Oil + Health

Fats are one of three macronutrients essential to human life and make up a large part of our bodies. Without fats, we wouldn’t be able to absorb vitamins A, D, E or K. But not all fats are created equal. Healthy fats, such as extra virgin olive oil, provide a number of benefits to help … Read more

Chef Ambassadors

Each of our ambassadors has been carefully selected for their commitment to responsibly sourcing their ingredients. We launched our chef ambassador program in June of 2014 in an effort to support America’s leading chefs using high-quality extra virgin olive oil and to further education efforts at restaurants around the country. We encourage you to support their restaurants … Read more

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