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Just because Labor Day has come and gone doesn’t mean we stop grilling. Quite the contrary. We’ll fire up the grill regardless of whether it’s raining, freezing, or hailing. It’s recipes like the grilled fish featured here that inspire us to brave the elements. (Click here to see the recipe.)[caption id="attachment_7423" align="aligncenter" width="336"] Copyright 2006 by Joyce Oudkerk Pool[/caption]The fish - tuna, swordfish, or sea bass - is marinated in herb-infused extra virgin olive oil before it's grilled. The recipe, from chef and culinary instructor Joyce Goldstein, has Mediterranean roots.“All over the Mediterranean - in Italy, France, Greece, Turkey, Spain, and North Africa - fish is rubbed  with oil and fresh herbs and grilled over a wood fire,” Goldstein says in the book Perfect Pairings (University of California Press, 2006), written with her sommelier son, Evan.To infuse the olive oil, Goldstein first simmers fresh thyme, sage, bay leaves, and rosemary in the oil. Garlic, orange zest, salt and pepper are added once the oil has cooled. The fish marinates in the infused oil for two or three hours before hitting the grill. Some of the marinade, which has been reserved beforehand, is drizzled on the fish prior to serving. (Click here to see the recipe.)Goldstein suggests serving the fish atop creamy white beans “to provide a textural contrast.” (Click here to see the recipe for cooked white beans.)If you’re short on time and want to avoid using dried beans, which must be soaked, you can use canned. Goldstein suggests first dressing the canned beans with oil, garlic and herbs.Evan Goldstein, the sommelier, recommends pairing the fish with an “earthy, minerally Chardonnay” - a wine you could also sip while tending the grill, regardless of the weather.Bon appétit,Your friends at California Olive Ranch