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Arugala and Endive Salad with ShrimpCount avocados among our favorite superfoods. Here they're paired in a salad with shrimp, arugula, and endive. (Click here to see recipe.)Widely acclaimed food blogger Amy Sherman - who created the arugala and endive salad - tops the salad with a bright lemon vinaigrette using Meyer lemon juice. Make it with our fruity Arbequina.Meyer lemons, by the way, are sweeter and less acidic than ordinary lemons. Native to China, they're believed to be a cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange. If you don't have access to Meyer lemons, you could substitute ordinary lemons. Just realize regular lemons are more tart ... and less sweet.In addition to the extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice, the vinaigrette combines garlic, lemon zest, and honey.The shrimp, meanwhile, are roasted in the oven for a few minutes until pink and cooked through.To make the endive salad, toss the greens with the vinaigrette and then divide them among four plates. Lastly, scoop out bits of avocado using a teaspoon and place with the shrimp atop the salad. We recommend California-grown avocados. (Click here to see recipe.)Bon appétit,Your friends at California Olive Ranch