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We mill a very special extra virgin olive oil in the fall: Limited Reserve. Limited is the freshest oil we make. It’s essentially bottled soon after the olives are crushed, delivering a "burst" of flavor intensity in your mouth. You can now place your order for Limited. (Click here to place order for Limited Reserve.Limited Reserve Bottle 2014Limited is seasonally available immediately after harvest. It represents our finest first cold pressings from the first weeks of harvest.Modeled after the Olio Nuovo tradition in Italy, Limited is bottled intentionally with olive fruit suspended in the oil. Those particles are what deliver that “burst” of fruitiness in your mouth – along with the highest degree of health benefits (by  way of polyphenols) and freshness.It’s a perfect gift for the holidays. And it's best if consumed within 9 months of harvest.Traditionally, we use all three of our olive varieties to make Limited. Arbequina provides a lot of fruit flavor and herbaciousness. The Arbosana always gives a lot of floral notes and contributes to the medium bitterness and pungency we like to have in the Limited Reserve. And the Koroneiki gives us that real kick in the back of your throat pungency, as well as a very banana flavor at the beginning.This year, however, we decided to go with a blend of all Koroneiki oils from two separate ranches we have.  One of the Koroneiki oils provides the strong pungency that we love in our Limited Reserve, with a hint of the green herbaceousness.  The other Koroneiki  is from a younger orchard and gives the milder tones with the green tea, green fruit (apple and banana) characteristics that we absolutely love.When choosing which oils to use, our team will usually meet a few weeks before we plan to bottle the oil. We'll review the various oils we've made, and make various blends with our tasting team. We'll then choose the best.We use Limited with all kinds of dishes at Thanksgiving. We drizzle it on roasted vegetables like Brussels sprouts and cauliflower. We blend it into mashed sweet potatoes instead of butter. We drizzle it on freshly sliced pieces of turkey. We've even drizzled Limited on pecan pie. The oil's peppery kick delivers a nice counterpoint to the pie's sweet flavor.Limited is great with other dishes, too. Drizzle it on bruschetta rubbed with garlic. Toss it with pasta and sauteed garlic to create that classic Italian dish, spaghetti aglio e olio.But here's our best advice when it comes to Limited Reserve: Let your imagination run wild!Bon appétit,Your Friends at California Olive Ranch