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I had the pleasure of meeting Greek culinary guru Diane Kochilas at our ranch, where she took a tour. Olive oil, of course, is big in Greece. They're the biggest consumers of olive oil on the planet. They also cook with olive oil and use it for frying foods, like potatoes. Diane, in fact, reckons that people in rural Greece eat potatoes fried in olive oil at least once a week. (Click here to see the recipe for the "Greek fries" featured here.)Diane says the "Greek fries" featured here pair well with fried eggs for a  simple meal or with more elaborate meat stews for, say, a Sunday lunch. The recipe appears in her cookbook The Country Cooking of Greece (Chronicle Books, 2012).The sliced potatoes are first soaked in ice water for an hour and then dried. They're fried in olive oil and tossed with salt, dried oregano and a salty Greek hard cheese known as kefalotyri. If you can't find kefalotyri, use Pecorino Romano or Parmesan. (Click here to see the recipe.)I'd give these "fries" a California spin by frying them in our Everyday Fresh oil. I'm guessing rural residents of Greece would be happy with the results!Bon appétit,California Olive Ranch Master Miller Bob Singletary