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Turkey is blessed with loads of fresh seafood. Turks prepare it simply and serve it with an accompaniment that takes little effort to make. The swordfish kebabs featured here do just that. (Click here to see the recipe.) Turkish SwordfishThis approach leaves "the fish tasting of the sea, river or stream from which it was plucked," writes Leanne Kitchen in her book, Turkey (Chronicle Books, 2012), where this dish appears.Cubes of swordfish are marinated in fresh orange juice, dill, and extra virgin olive oil, like our Everyday Fresh. The swordfish is grilled and paired with a celeriac, orange, and walnut salad. (Click here to see the recipe.)Kitchen suggests cooking the cubed swordfish for about five minutes, "or until just cooked through but still a little pink in the middle."And then take a bite, and enjoy a wonderfully fresh taste of the ocean.Bon appétit,Your friends at California Olive Ranch