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A Dish We’ll Make Again: Blood Orange Cardamom Olive Oil Cake

Blood Orange Cardamom Olive Oil Cake

The other day we procured blood oranges at our local grocery. Our plan: make a blood orange cardamom olive oil cake. We’d been eyeing the recipe for some time, waiting for blood oranges to be available. So we pounced at the chance – and were thrilled with the results. (Click here to get the recipe.)

The recipe – courtesy of Food52 – produced a luscious, moist cake laced  with the wonderfully unique, sweet flavor of cardamom. The top of the cake – as you can see in the photo – was speckled reddish-orange, thanks to the blood orange juice glaze.

We used our  Arbequina to pair with the the blood oranges. It contributed a fruity flavor and produced a soft, delicate crumb.

This cake got two thumbs up from all age groups (one 13-year-old “recipe tester” came back for thirds!).

The juice from the blood oranges is used three different ways in this recipe: for the cake itself; for the syrup drizzled on the cake; and for the glaze applied to the top.

The cardamom, meanwhile, is used in the cake and the glaze. Other ingredients in the cake include Greek yogurt, flour, blood orange zest, sugar, and eggs. (Click here to get the recipe.)

Our advice: Grab some blood oranges and a bottle of fruity olive oil – and get baking! We sure plan to do so … again.

Bon appétit,

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