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California Pizza Kitchen’s Chef Brian Sullivan Deems California Olive Ranch “Simply the Best!”


Chef Brian Sullivan is a pioneer. Since joining the California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) team in 1998, he has helped bring his philosophy of quality, seasonal ingredients and unique preparation to the restaurant chain. Brian is committed to embracing traditional culinary techniques with an effort to always looking to expand and be creative, and he has been able to create unique dishes for CPK that you simply can’t find anywhere else: bold in flavor, global in essence and unique to CPK.  He focuses on “craveable” flavors, and it works. After starting with the first location in Topanga, California, Brian has helped the company grow to their now 278 locations around the world, with 2000 locations slated to open internationally in the future.

Sourcing quality ingredients is key to the philosophy that Chef Brian brings to CPK. Brian works with his team of procurement specialists, and they work to find the best ingredients available. Chef Brian is using California Olive Ranch extra virgin olive oils extensively on his menu. He uses California Olive Ranch because, as he put it, “it’s simply because it’s the best olive oil out there. I’m not just saying that, I believe it. It’s the best olive oil I have tasted and we use the Arbequina extra virgin olive oil for finishing and tableside bread service. It’s velvety, fruity, and delicious.” As such, California Olive Ranch has become an integral part of their menus worldwide.

CPK is currently embarking on a Next Chapter menu, going back to their roots and rediscovering all that made CPK unique, including the idea that California is more than a place; it is a state of mind. CPK is remodeling the menus and spaces of close to 60 CPK locations throughout the U.S. to convey the heart of California. These Next Chapter locations will to create an atmosphere that welcomes guests to sit back and relax, and enjoy a new heightened menu, including one of Brian’s favorites: “Shaved mushroom + spinach flatbread with Cremini mushrooms, sautéed spinach, and California Olive Ranch extra virgin olive oil with Romano and Parmesan”(displayed above). In addition to communal fire tables and lounge areas, the new pizza counters at these locations will give patrons a front row seat to watch and see their pizza is being made, including a drizzle of California Olive Ranch as a special finish.

We are proud to be a part of this Next Chapter for California Pizza Kitchen.


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