Our Freshly Pressed 2017 Limited Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In California, we have a habit of modernizing traditions. Giving a nod to tried-and-true techniques, but injecting innovative enhancements. We at California Olive Ranch are unceasing in our dedication to offering products Made Right, Here. And, with our annual Limited Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we’re able to offer a traditional Italian-style olio nuovo, cold-pressed … Read more

Olive Oil 101 | How We Make Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil

So… how is extra virgin olive oil made? What exactly does “extra virgin” mean?  Don’t be embarrassed, we get these questions all the time. (A 2013 survey by the Olive Center at the Davis campus of the University of California found that 55 percent of consumers surveyed believed they understood the meaning of different olive oil grades – but … Read more

Introducing The Americas Blend

At California Olive Ranch we’ve been committed to offering premium quality extra virgin olive oil since day one. Thanks to the support of our customers (like those of you reading this today) we have grown faster than we ever dreamed possible! To meet this demand for California-grown extra virgin olive oil, we are hard at … Read more

Updates from the Ranch | Spring Bloom

Spring bloom is underway! While olive trees are beautiful throughout the year, they are truly breathtaking during the spring months. Like any other fruit-bearing plant, olive trees are governed by the shifts in the seasons. Warmer weather and longer days trigger the trees to begin to bud and eventually blossom. At this time of year, our orchard teams … Read more

From Branch to Bottle: Our 2016 Limited Reserve is Ready to Pre-Order!

If there’s one thing we love around here at California Olive Ranch, it’s seasonal eating. Shopping for our fruits and veggies based on what’s in season allows us to support local agriculture, be more connected to our family farmers, and enjoy the tastiest and healthiest produce. We know many of you also frequent your neighborhood farmers’ … Read more

Looking Ahead to Harvest: the Arbequina Varietal

California Olive Ranch[/caption] Here we are! Another fall season is upon us and our olive harvest is only weeks away. At the beginning of the season, our ranchers pick the early-harvest olives, still green as opposed to later in the season when we see more mature purple fruit. These young olives are herbaceous and bold, … Read more

A Banner Year: 2015 Harvest the Best Yet

Bob Singletary is no stranger to olive harvests. For years, as California Olive Ranch’s master miller, he’s experienced the hard work and exhilaration that come with the fall harvest season, which runs from September through November. So, it’s a big deal when the award-winning miller declares that the 2015 California Olive Ranch harvest was, by … Read more

A Rock Star of Olive Oil: Q&A with Master Miller Bob Singletary

Master Miller Bob Singletary has been making olive oil since 1983. “This was long before domestic olive oil was fashionable in the United States,” he says. Now, the olive oil expert is in charge of the milling, production, and quality of the extra virgin olive oil at California Olive Ranch’s state-of-the-art mill in Artois, California. … Read more


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