Chef Tandy Wilson | Where to Dine in Nashville

photo credit: Andrea Behrends

Nashville is and always will be known for a rich music history and thriving contemporary culture. But, the food scene is becoming an increasingly undeniable draw for foodies to visit Music City. And who better than Chef Tandy Wilson to speak to his current favorite places to eat?! A Nashville native and restaurant pioneer bringing new ingredients and international flavors to classic Southern dishes, Tandy is a true representative of the Tennessee capital’s dining culture.

Born and raised in Nashville, Tandy Wilson developed a love for food and Southern cooking at a young age from his mother and grandmother. After traveling and working in restaurants in Arizona, California, and Italy, he came back to Nashville, developing his vision for his own restaurant. His work has certainly gained attention and critical acclaim – Tandy won the James Beard Award for Best Chef: Southeast in 2016!

Chef Tandy Wilson’s City House

photo credit: Andrea Behrends

Chef Tandy opened City House back in 2007, an event that is looked at by many as one of the first signs of a bourgeoning hometown culinary community. Bringing together Southern classics and Italian favorites, the Germantown restaurant highlights the best of local produce while also demonstrating the sophistication and worldliness of a thriving Nashville food scene.

In his words, “We are a community-based, neighborhood restaurant.  As such, our food represents what’s grown in our area – we like for our ingredients to speak for themselves.  We cook with Mediterranean technique – where a heavy reliance on olive oil is essential…No pizza leaves the kitchen without a drizzle of California Olive Oil!”

photo credit: Andrea Behrends

Where Else to Eat


“As a meat-and-three, this is the purest representation of Nashville cuisine.”

What to Order: “The baked ham on Tuesday is my favorite thing there.  So good.”

Rolf + Daughters

“The commitment to local producers and high quality ingredients is honored in every plate. We like everything about this crew.”

What to Order: “It’s hard to speak to a specific dish due to seasonality. I like all of the vegetable beginnings.”

Martin’s BBQ Joint

“Best barbeque in the world. Hands down. They brought barbeque to the forefront in a traditionally non-barbeque town.”

What to Order: “Pulled pork sandwich with slaw. My favorite food of all time.”

And there you have it! Enjoy your foodie tour through Nashville, and happy travels!


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