Easy and Elegant Holiday Host Gifts


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The holidays are about good cheer, cozy decorations, and parties—so many parties! a host or hostess gift is a must, whether you’re going to a casual get-together, a cocktail-and-appetizers party hosted by a co-worker, or a glamorous, adults-only shindig. Here are a few suggestions for easy, elegant party gifts, that – best of all – can be picked up at your local Whole Foods or specialty grocer with no fuss at all.

  • Did you know that olive oil and ice cream are a match made in heaven? It’s true! For your sweets-adoring host, pick up a pint of the best, organic French vanilla ice cream available, a bottle of our fresh and fruity Arbequina, and a box of Maldon Sea Salt flakes. It’ll all come together in a surprisingly delicious dessert—and your host will definitely find other equally fantastic uses for the sea salt and the EVOO.
  • Chocolate and olive oil make for a winning combination. Wrap up a few bars of artisan dark chocolate (We like Sharffen-Berger, but any high-quality, fair trade chocolate will do) together with a bottle of our complex, nutty Arbosana.
  • If your host is a pasta-lover, you can’t go wrong with a pasta basket. Pair a bag of organic, small-batch spaghetti noodles, with a jar of Italian herbs, and a our Miller’s Blend. Yum and yummer.
  • Winter, at least in California, means citrus season. So, your host loves veggies and salads? Tuck a few vinaigrette fixings into a small bucket: Meyer lemons, a good balsamic vinegar, and our Everyday EVOO will give her the ingredients she needs to add the perfect finishing touch to greens or roasted veggies.
  • Encourage your host to live like the Italians for a day! Pair a bottle of our Limited Reserve, the first cold-pressing of the season, with a fresh-baked loaf of crusty Italian bread. Tie it all up with twine and top with fresh sprigs of Rosemary. In Italy, they grill the bread and drizzle it with olio nuovo, fresh off the press: A unique and thrilling flavor experience, and a great gift!


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