Fresh Summer Recipes

savory summer fruit salad recipe

Summer isn’t only about suntan oil. High quality extra virgin olive oil is a part of every picnic, every backyard gathering, and every lingering evening on the porch. If the usual burgers and ice cream have given you the July blahs, try a few of these fresh summer recipes.

Savory fruit

Juicy peaches, plump plums, and sweet cherries are outstanding as-is for dessert. But don’t save summer fruit only until the end of the meal. Enjoy it as an appetizer or as a savory side dish grilled alongside meat or poultry. Take it easy with this summer fruit salad peppered with arugula and almonds. Or make a memorable feast from zucchini ribbons and peaches with macadamia nut cream.


Olive oil poaching

Poaching is a perfect low-and-slow cooking method when you’ve been burned on the heat of the grill. A long bath in low-temperature olive oil yields tender, flavorful results that are ready to serve when you are. Its light and rich flavor really accentuates delicate fish and eggs.


Unusual pestos

One of the most versatile champions of hot weather eating. pesto is a friend to pasta, crostini, and sandwiches, or atop meat, fish, and poultry. Make it ahead and you have delicious flavor chilled and ready to serve. While basil, arugula, or other green herbs are the mainstays, we suggest a pesto of a different color. Bright red sun dried tomato pesto with rosemary, black olives, and almonds is as delicious as it is beautiful. And corn pesto – yes, corn pesto – is a slather of sunshine any way you use it.

Don’t let your tastebuds get burned in the sun. Cool off with some new tricks to summer cooking.


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