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Grilled Corn on the Cob Drizzled with Grilled Tomato Oil

Summertime is a veggie and fruit lover’s dream. Visit the farmers’ market and you’re confronted with booth after booth of colorful farm-fresh produce: yellow heirloom tomatoes, sweet red and gold peppers, blueberries, green basil, golden apricots … you get the picture.  One of our favorite items for stocking up on is corn. (Click here to see featured corn recipe.)

Corn is at its seasonal peak here in California. We like it steamed, roasted, raw, and grilled. Everyone has their own favorite way for serving what one  writer calls “the New World’s most important contribution to the global diet.”

“A grill is the best vessel you have for cooking corn,” Andrew Schloss and David Joachim write in Fire It Up (Chronicle Books, 2011), where the recipe featured hear appears. “Just start the fire and throw the cobs on, husks and all. Close the lid and sit back.”

The corn will take about 15 minutes, they add, including an occasional turn every five minutes or so.

Schloss and Joachim pair their grilled corn not with butter – but with a flavored oil made from grilled tomatoes, olive oil, fresh herbs, garlic, and honey. Our Arbequina, Miller’s Blend and Arbosana oils would be good for the tomato oil. (Click here to see featured corn recipe.)

The corn, they note, will glisten with the rose-colored oil – not to mention be flavored and tinted with grilled tomato. One more reason that you don’t need butter to enjoy good corn!

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