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Grown and Crafted in California

We’re transforming the olive oil industry and showing that when it comes to purity and quality, not all olive oils are created equal. We do it by finding innovative ways to plant and harvest olives, and by producing high-quality olive oils at reasonable prices. The California Olive Ranch recipe for success has resulted in the #1 SKU across a nationwide network of retail stores. Growing for COR means you have the long-term security of growing for the top brand of extra virgin olive oil in the country.

Here at California Olive Ranch, (commonly just called “COR”), we don’t refer to our growers simply as growers, but as grower-partners. We take our relationships seriously, knowing that planting an orchard contracted to us is a commitment on both ends. Neither of us will be fruitful without the other. Our grower-partners are the mainstay of our business. Our goal is to make our grower-partners feel confident in their contracts, knowing this is a partnership and not just a business transaction.

Our goal is providing transparency throughout the olive growing and milling process, in the hopes that transparency will build the trust necessary to sustain long-term relationships. We do this using the following tools:


Quality olive oil begins in the field. We pioneered the Super High Density olive growing methods and have firsthand knowledge of what to do – and what not to do – from planting to harvest to milling. Years of experience combined with the latest farming techniques have enabled us to grow superior olives that result in superior quality oil. We are eager to share our industry knowledge and provide our grower-partners with the tips and tools necessary to be successful.

Regular Fruit Sampling

Starting in July, we send out scouts to sample each block to test fruit maturity, wet-fat percentage and moisture levels. All sample results are shared with our grower-partners.


Accuracy is of the utmost importance to us. We have all samples inspected by a third-party, accredited lab.

Industry Leadership

We gather grower-partners together each spring to learn more about California Olive Ranch and our initiatives in farming and milling.

For more info about becoming a grower-partner, contact Brittany Fagundes by email at or by phone at (559) 381-7593.

Benefits of Growing Olives

Low Water Usage (Conservation)

The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) is a far-reaching initiative that will have a severe and drastic impact on agriculture as we know it. With historic droughts and reduced water allocations, California Super High-Density Olives are an increasingly cost-efficiency way to insure production far into the future. Even as an evergreen, olive trees only require an average of 1.5 acre feet of water annually.

Pest and Disease Tolerant

A naturally low-input crop, olives have few natural predators due to their small flesh surface. Because of their naturally affinity for dry climates, they also have few disease threats.

100% Mechanized (Low Labor Costs)

As farmers look to combat high and rising labor costs, Super High Density olives are a natural replacement. In the SHD system, 650-850 trees are planted per acre on a single wire trellis, similar to grapes. Once planted, from pruning to harvest, everything is mechanized.

Marginal Soil

The shallow roots of the tree, reaching less than four feet, make olives a great choice for many soils that would otherwise be impossible for permanent crops. As an added bonus, olives are also salt and boron tolerant.

Partner Relationships

To reflect the diverse needs of our grower-partners, we offer the following relationships:

Fruit Supply Contracts

We offer personalized contract lengths based on your individual needs. These contracts can be for currently producing orchards or for bare-ground developments. We also offer financing and tree-purchase options.

Orchard Services Contracts

With our extensive olive-growing resources, we offer custom farm management contracts tailored to each grower-partners desired level of involvement.

Custom Services

We offer olive-related custom farming services, including:

  • Harvesting
  • Topping, Tipping and Hedging
  • Spraying – Airblast
  • Spraying – Herbicide
  • Floating, disking and rolling
  • Mechanical skirting
  • Hand pruning
  • Custom orchard layout and design