Introducing The Americas Blend

At California Olive Ranch we’ve been committed to offering premium quality extra virgin olive oil since day one. Thanks to the support of our customers (like those of you reading this today) we have grown faster than we ever dreamed possible! To meet this demand for California-grown extra virgin olive oil, we are hard at work planting more and more acreage.

Our love of high-quality extra virgin olive oil extends beyond California; there are many excellent extra virgin olive oils being produced around the world. Back in 2015, in an effort to further expand our knowledge of the global olive oil landscape, we started developing relationships with producers in Argentina, Peru and Chile. We found passionate olive farmers, like us, producing olive oil with an impressive level of quality and a flavor profile similar to our own. Many of these producers’ families migrated to South America generations ago and brought with them their European passion for good food and agricultural knowledge. So, to this day, great olive oil is being grown throughout the region.


One of our Argentinian partners, a quality control manager, and his groves.

These initial relationships have turned long-term partnerships with producers in Argentina, Peru and Chile. Through these partnerships, we’ve been able to attend each other’s harvests in order to learn from our decades of combined experience. We value the sharing of process and information amongst producers in order to increase the quality of extra virgin olive oil throughout the world.  We’ve so enjoyed collaborating with our partners in South America, who share our goal of advancing the availability of premium extra virgin olive oil to American consumers.


Logan Jennings, Milling Operations Manager at California Olive Ranch, tasting freshly pressed extra virgin olive oil in Argentina and working alongside producers during their harvest. 


In honor of our South American producer partners, we are proud to bring you a limited-edition oil, The Americas Blend. This blend of 50% Californian and 50% South American extra virgin olive oil offers a mild fruity flavor with approachable bitterness. It pairs well with all foods as a finishing oil, and can be used for everyday cooking as well. And of course, it’s crafted with the quality, care, and commitment to transparency that you’ve come to expect from us.

The Americas Blend will only be offered in our 1.4L Chef Size bottle. Look for The Americas Blend to hit shelves at your local retailer August – December 2017.

We hope you enjoy this unique blend and we’d love to hear your thoughts! Send us a note at CustServ@cal-olive.com.


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