Introducing Two New Olive Oils: Mild & Buttery and Rich & Robust

We’ve introduced two new flavor profiles to our family of extra virgin olive oils: Mild & Buttery and Rich & Robust. We crafted them as an extension of our popular Everyday Fresh oils, giving our customers more choices. They’re both great for a variety of uses. California Olive Ranch extra virgin olive oils

The new oils are being rolled out to select grocery stores around the nation. They’re also available online. (If your store isn’t yet carrying the oil and you’re interested, please ask the manager of customer service you’d like to get the oil.)

Mild & Buttery: This oil – the most delicate we mill – delivers a buttery, floral flavor. To achieve this, we’ve selected Arbequina olives that have been gathered late in the harvest season. Typically, late-harvest olives tend to make oils with “buttery” notes. By contrast, olives that are picked early on tend to produce oils with “herbaceous” flavors, like those featured in our robust Miller’s Blend oil.

Our Mild & Buttery oil is good for drizzling on fish or sautéed vegetables. It’s also great for baking, giving your cakes and other baked goods a subtle olive oil taste – versus a more pronounced taste than, say, our Arbosana or Miller’s Blend oils would produce. It’s a versatile oil – perfect for trying with many different dishes. (Click here to read blog about pairing foods with delicate extra virgin olive oils.)

Rich & Robust: This is one of the most intense oils we mill. The oil is robust yet smooth and finishes with a pleasantly peppery kick. The intensity of this oil reflects the use of our full-bodied and peppery Koroneiki olive. If you were to rate the intensity of our oils through an informal method – the “cough system,”  or the number of times you might cough when you swallow the oil and experience that peppery tickle in your throat – our Koroneiki oil would be a two or three “cougher” on a scale of three. In terms of flavor, our Rich & Robust oil delivers green banana, floral, and herbaceous notes.

Our Rich & Robust oil is good choice for drizzling over steak. It also pairs well with spicy and full-flavored foods. In particular, use it to enhance your lamb dishes and arugula salads. It also would be perfect with garlic mashed potatoes, on soups and on bruschetta. Feel free to let your imagination run wild! (Click here to read blog about pairing foods with robust extra virgin olive oils.)

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