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It’s a Dish Like This Veggie Meal That Makes Us Love Our Slow Cooker

We’re hooked on our slow cooker. We love walking into the house and inhaling the aroma of lamb shanks or brisket braising away. We also make rich chicken broth in our slow cooker. And we prepare great vegetarian meals, like mushroom-barley risotto or the fennel braised with artichoke hearts featured here.“The best part is that while we’re occupied elsewhere, ingredients are being transformed: Flavors are blending, blossoming, and balancing,” Andrew Schloss writes in his fabulous book, Art of the Slow Cooker (Chronicle Books, 2008).

“Sometimes the best thing a cook can do is sit back and wait.” Amen.

The dish featured here begins with your stove. Fennel slices are first browned in extra virgin olive oil, followed by onion slices. Fresh rosemary, along with dried thyme and oregano, are added, followed by flour (to thicken the sauce), white wine, diced tomatoes, and vegetable or chicken broth. (Click here to see the recipe.)

The fennel slices and canned artichoke hearts are layered in the slow cooker, along with the sauce you’ve created on the stove.

Now the best part (next to eating): Put on the lid, turn on the slow cooker, and kick back and be prepared to inhale the wonderful aromas that will soon emerge.

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