Our Limited Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil is Now Available!

We’ve been fielding dozens of calls in recent days from people asking when our Limited Reserve extra virgin olive oil will be available to order. We’ll, it’s now available!

extra virgin olive oil
Photo by Terry McCarthy www.tmcphotography.com

Our milling team fired up the bottling line last Thursday and began bottling this year’s Limited Reserve, the freshest extra virgin olive oil we produce. The oil goes straight from the press into the bottle, without spending any time in a tank where fruit particles are allowed to settle and be removed. (Click here to order Limited Reserve extra virgin olive oil.)

We bottle Limited Reserve just once a year, at the time of the fall harvest. Our harvest team wrapped up their work on Friday, trucking their last load of olives to our northern California mill. They met their deadline of getting the job done before Thanksgiving. We need to beat the first frost, which can damage the olives.

Luckily, our harvest crews got lots of sunny days over the past several weeks. They actually had to delay the start of our harvest, back in early October, because of rain. Mud can bog down our harvesters.

With the harvest completed, we can focus on making great extra virgin olive oil, like Limited Reserve. When you put a spoonful of this special oil in your mouth, you experience a peppery, fruity, pleasantly bitter burst of fresh olive oil taste.

Chefs we know like to use Limited Reserve as a finishing oil for a variety of dishes. Karl Mace, executive chef at the upscale Union Bluff Hotel in York, Me., told us he cooks Brussels sprouts in Limited Reserve and indulges guests by using it to sear and poach fish such as cod and haddock.

Our Limited Reserve also goes well with any number of hearty autumn vegetables. We  like it drizzled on bruschetta, white pizza, poached eggs, or tossed with pasta and garlic. And it’s perfect for dipping crusty bread accompanied by a sprinkle of flaky sea salt.

Bon appétit,

Your friends at California Olive Ranch


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