Mediterranean Diet May Help People With Heart Disease-Study

If you suffer from heart disease, eating a Mediterranean-style diet may help you ward off additional coronary problems down the road, a Greek study suggests.

Mediterranean Diet May Help with Heart DiseaseThe study — which appears in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition — tracked 1,000 people who had suffered a heart attack or severe chest pains while resting or exerting themselves only slightly.

The patients were rated on a numerical scale based on how closely they adhered to a genuine Mediterranean diet.  The diet is rich in vegetables, fruits, fish, legumes, and vegetable oils such as olive oil.

According to Reuters, almost half of the patients suffered another heart-related event within two years after they were discharged from the hospital.

“But patients with the most Mediterranean-style diets were at 31% lower risk of suffering another heart attack or experiencing chest pain during the first month after they were discharged from the hospital,” the news agency reported.

“They were only half as likely as those with the least Mediterranean eating habits to have another heart-related event within a year, and nearly 40% less likely to experience repeat heart problems within two years.”

The researchers concluded that people who want to reduce the odds of dying or falling ill from heart disease should stick to a “diet that contains the favorable characteristics of the Mediterranean diet,” according to Reuters.

Claude S. Weiller
Vice President of Sales & Marketing
California Olive Ranch