Meet Our Brand New Ranch Selects Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Big news! We’re excited to be introducing a brand new line of extra virgin olive oils this month: Ranch Selects. These three oils are crushed from select olives grown exclusively on our own “estate” ranches in northern California. The bottlings are new blends of oil from the olives we press in our mills. You’ll notice the labels are different. You’ll get more information about the flavor profile of the oil in the bottle.

The new Ranch Selects oil are available in select natural food stores and on our website. The suggested retail price: $12 to $13 a bottle. We’ll offer three styles: mild, which has a buttery flavor; medium, which provides a more fruity taste; and bold, which delivers a pleasant, peppery flavor you’ll feel in your throat. Our vice president of marketing, Mike Forbes, fills us in.

Why offer Ranch Selects?

There’s a huge interest among people wanting to know where our oil comes from. We get a lot of questions. What’s the ranch like where you grow the olives?  What distinguishes the soil? So we wanted to give people details about the particular ranch and the olives that produce each bottle of our Ranch Selects oil.

Where will people get the detailed information?

If you want more than what’s printed on the label, email us (ranchselects@cal-olive.com) the code that’s on your bottle. We’ll tell you everything about the oil inside: the age of the trees that produced the olives; the olive varietals used to make the oil; an analysis of the oil’s chemistry; and a geographic description of the ranch itself. We’ll also provide suggested food pairings. We’re the first company in the industry to provide such information on a large scale.

What’s different about the oils?

The oils are crushed from among the best olives harvested at our two estate ranches in northern California, near the towns of Oroville and Artois. We use new blends of Arbequina, Arbosana and Koroneiki olives. So far, we’ve been getting very positive feedback from people who’ve tried the Ranch Selects oils. The other day, for example, a New York culinary instructor who teaches pastry classes told us her students raved about the “mild and buttery” oil. The new olive oils are great for baking and all types of cooking.

The new labels also are different from the labels for the existing line of oils. Why?

We want people to better understand the oil they’re buying before they bring it home. We field a lot of calls from people who aren’t sure what oil to buy: Arbequina, Everyday, Miller’s Blend, etc. They don’t want to invest in a bottle if they’re not sure what it tastes like.  So we’ve tried to address this to make it easier for people to find the oil that’s right for them.

We’ve put an olive ‘pictogram’ on the front label showing the flavor strength: delicate has one olive; medium has two, etc. We heard from people that ‘pictograms’ had helped them understand other foods that were formerly confusing (like dark chocolate and coffee) so we’re trying it with olive oil.

When and where will Ranch Selects be available?

The oils will begin appearing on store shelves this month through Sept. 1. They will be available at:

And you’ll soon be able to purchase Ranch Selects at our website.

Do you have a personal favorite among the three oils?

I love all three. But let’s just say I’m particularly excited about the ‘bold’ oil. It’s our boldest, most peppery offering yet.  You’ll love it when dipping bread.

Bon appétit,

Your friends at California Olive Ranch


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