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Memorial Day BBQ: Beef Tagliata w/ Rosemary & Capers

For something out of the ordinary, try this Italian-style grilled steak at your Memorial Day cookout. The dish features perfectly grilled meat and spicy greens all bathed in a flavorful extra virgin olive oil. The meat is topped with a balsamic vinegar reduction, fried capers, garlic chips, and shaved parmesan.

John Ash – a renowned California chef who gave us this tagliata recipe – says you can use chicken, pork or fish such as tuna if beef isn’t on your Memorial Day menu.

Ash, who’s also an author as well as a food and wine educator, told us the term tagliata comes from the Italian tagliare, which means “carved” or “cut.”  It’s a technique in which the meat is cut into thin slices.

It “produces a lot more surface area to drizzle on seasoned oils or condiments,” Ash said.

We met Ash in March at a healthy eating conference held at the Culinary Institute of America’s Napa Valley campus. He was an instructor, demonstrating dishes ranging from cioppino fish stew to grilled pizza. He conducted his demonstrations with plenty of flair and good humor.

After a grilling class, we asked Ash if he’d share some grilling recipes with us. This beef tagliata was one he passed along.

“I had this in a little roadside trattoria,” Ash recalled. He noted there are endless variations on this dish. The recipe featured here is his take.

When we asked about the use of arugula to accompany the steak, Ash noted: “It’s a hell of a lot better for you than just eating a lot of meat. The Italians are masters of taking a bit of protein and feeding a lot of people.”

Bon appétit,

Claude S. Weiller
Vice President of Sales & Marketing
California Olive Ranch


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