How Extra Virgin Olive Oil is Similar to Wine

Did you know that both extra virgin olive oil and wine are technically fruit juices? The first steps involve harvesting the fruit and crushing it to extract the juice. The similarities don’t end there, so we thought a comparison chart might shed some light on the ways in which wine and extra virgin olive oil are similar and different.

Characteristics Extra Virgin Olive Oil Wine
fruit-juiceA fruit juice yes yes
no-heatStore away from heat and light yes yes
aged-in-processAged in the “production”process no yes
aged-at-homeAge at home no yes
consume-immediatelyConsume immediately once opened yes (1-3 mo/s.) yes (1 wk.)
high-qualityHigh quality product grown in California yes yes
varietalVarietal of fruit influences the flavor and properties yes yes
harvestedbypickingHarvested by picking and crushing the fruit yes yes

As you can tell wine and extra virgin olive oil share many similarities. However, the main difference other than flavor is you don’t want to age olive oil. You should look for the freshest olive oil available when at your local store. For this reason, we include the harvest date on every one of our bottles of extra virgin olive oil so you know you’re getting the freshest available.