Our Certifications and What They Mean

You’ve likely seen certifications on our website and on our labels, but what are they and what do they mean? We’re breaking down some of these certifications here.

Whole 30

The Whole 30 program is a 30-day reset created to help curb cravings and bad habits. It focuses on eliminating foods that scientific literature and clinical experience have deemed problematic, then carefully and systematically adding them back in, taking note of changes. California Olive Ranch and our sister brand, Lucini Italia, are the only two Whole 30 Certified extra virgin olive oils. Learn more about Whole 30 here.

Certified Paleo 

Products that are certified Paleo adhere to the paleo diet, meaning they only include ingredients that are considered Paleo. They do not include any grains, legumes, dairy, artificial coloring, preservatives, sweeteners, flavorings, or flavor enhancers. You can learn more about the Paleo Foundation here.

Keto Certified 

This certification was developed to mark products that adhere to a classic ketogenic diet. Both our Keto Blends and our extra virgin olive oils are great options for a keto diet. Learn more about the keto certification here.


The Non-GMO certification on our products means that all ingredients in the package are made without genetic engineering. Learn more about Non-GMO verification here.

 Applied Sensory 

For an extra virgin olive oil to be certified extra virgin, it must go through a sensory evaluation. The sensory panel that certifies our extra virgin olive oil is Applied Sensory. Learn more about them here.

Olive Oil Commission of California

In addition to certifying our oils through Applied Sensory, the oils in our 100% California line also carry the certification seal from the Olive Oil Commission of California, who currently upholds the strictest standards. Learn more here.

California Grown

You’ll see the California Grown on our 100% California line. It is only available for products that are produced exclusively in California. More here.

Naturally Vegan 

The naturally vegan callout is a reminder that all of our products are naturally vegan, and do not come into contact with any animal products at any time.

Orthodox Union 

The most popular entity certifying kosher foods in the Orthodox Union, who certify that our extra virgin olive oils meet kosher standards. You can learn more here.


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