Our New Plastic Chef’s Size Bottle … For Those Who Fly Through Olive Oil

We fly through bottles of extra virgin olive oil in our kitchen. We use it for salad dressings, sautéing, roasting, baking, grilling, drizzling … you get the picture. Perhaps you’re like us – we know there are many of you out there – and you have to restock your pantry frequently with olive oil. If so, our new “Chef Size” bottle is for you – and you don’t have to be a chef to enjoy this 1.4-liter plastic bottle. Chef's Size bottle

Plastic? Yes, that’s right. A larger bottle made of recyclable, dark green plastic.  To put it simply, our fans asked … and we listened! Some history is in order.

For years, our consumers have requested larger sized bottles of our Everyday Fresh oil to accommodate their growing interest in using great tasting extra virgin olive oil as part of their healthy diets.  So, in response, we’ve increased the size of our EDF glass bottles from half a liter to ¾ liter, and then to a full 1 liter.

But, with the larger glass bottle, our fans began saying the weight had become a bit challenging while cooking with it every day in their kitchens.  Some of our fans are a tad older, so weight and fear of broken glass are real concerns – not to mention a safety issue we wanted to address.  You’ll also notice we don’t even offer the 1 liter glass bottle online, given that the cost of shipping the bottle alone outweighs the cost of the product itself.

In response to these many requests from our consumers, we decided to offer another option for very frequent users. Enter our new Chef Size 1.4-liter bottle. By the way, it free of Bisiphenol A, a chemical found in polycarbonate plastics. All of our plastic containers are made from polyethylene, which doesn’t contain BPA.

To be sure, not everyone needs to begin using our new plastic bottle. If you’re someone who doesn’t use our oil as frequently, then the glass bottles are for you.  Glass maintains the oil for a longer shelf life, up to two years from the bottling date versus 18 months for the plastic bottles. It’s a distinction we note on the bottles. You’ll also notice we’ve chosen darker bottles to reduce the exposure to harmful light.

Rest assured that all our extra virgin olive oil is always maintained and stored year-round in a temperature-controlled environment, with no exposure to harmful heat or light.  We nitrogen-flush all of our bottles and storage vessels to remove any oxygen that can harm the oil.

So for all you cooks who fly through our olive oil, our new Chef Size may be for you. Feel free to give it a test drive in your kitchen.

Bon appétit,

Your friends at California Olive Ranch









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