100% California

Our flagship oil pressed from olives grown exclusively in California! A staple in your kitchen, this extra virgin olive oil is well-rounded and versatile, with floral notes that accompany notes of fresh herbs, fruit and green grass. We recommend it for virtually any application- marinades, sautéing, grilling, and even baking! Subscribe & Save 10%$9.89 Loading … Read more


This single varietal oil showcases the flavor profile of Arbequina olives from our California farmers. With a subtle fruitiness and herbal notes, this oil shines paired with fresh produce. Loading component … Subscribe & Save 10%$9.89

Global Blend Mild

Our mildest extra virgin olive oil from our California farmers and partner growers in Argentina, Chile and Portugal. The subtle flavor of this oil lends itself to baking, from sourdough bread to chocolate chip cookies. Crafted to California Quality Standards. Loading component … Subscribe & Save 10%$9.89

Baking Blend Sweet Vanilla

A healthier alternative to using butter or cooking oil in baking recipes, this baking blend is great for brownies, cookies, cupcakes, pancakes, specialty cakes and icing. Loading component … Subscribe & Save 10%$9.89

Almond Oil & Extra Virgin Olive Oil Baking Blend

Enhance your baking with this heart-healthy blend of almond oil and extra virgin olive oil. The balanced flavor provides a hint of toasted almond with nutritional benefits unmatched by other baking oils. Loading component … Subscribe & Save 10%$9.89


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