Quinn Popcorn Cleans Up Snack Food


Transparency lies at the heart of Quinn Popcorn’s mission. In 2015 the company was honored with a Clean Choice Award for their sustainable reinvention of an old favorite, microwave popcorn. Quinn Popcorn comes in a chemical-free, compostable bag and uses GMO-free corn. They recently expanded into bagged popcorn, with three different flavors, including a version topped with California Olive Ranch extra virgin olive oil. We spoke with Kristy Lewis, who launched Quinn Popcorn, with her husband Coulter Lewis, soon after the birth of their first child (Quinn, of course!).

How did Quinn Popcorn start?

I grew up with microwave popcorn. The whole genesis came about in my early twenties, when I learned how bad microwave popcorn actually is for you. I couldn’t believe we were still feeding this disgusting product to our kids. I didn’t have kids at the time, but years later, no one had come out with a cleaner version of microwave popcorn. When I was on maternity leave with my first child, I decided to jump in and see if I could make a cleaner version myself. We started with microwave popcorn, cleaning up that category, and now we are on to snack foods.

Can you talk a bit about the farm-to-bag idea?

In snack food there isn’t a lot of transparency. Farm-to-bag came out of our initiative for complete transparency. We wanted to make sure that people knew where their food was coming from. It doesn’t have to just be with fruit or vegetables, it can actually be the packaged food that you are eating. Each bag has a batch number on it and you can go to our website and put in the batch number and it will pull up all the suppliers that we’re using for that particular batch. This is just the start. We hope to do so much more with it.

Why did Quinn Popcorn choose to source from California Olive Ranch?

We were testing a lot of olive oil. Then, I read an article about how a lot of the imported olive oils were not 100 percent true olive oils. So, I started digging in to companies in the U.S. because we were trying to launch the farm-to-bag initiative. California Olive Ranch was based in California and the olive oil was by far the best olive oil we tested, and we just really like the people behind the company. We’re happy to be a partner with California Olive Ranch and we are excited to grow with them. It’s been a lot of fun.

Why did you choose to make an olive oil popcorn?

We wanted to make a healthier popcorn. We have a one with raw organic coconut oil and then we have our olive oil. I just love olive oil on popcorn, especially the California Olive Ranch olive oil because it has kind of a buttery taste. Keeping it clean and simple is what our brand is all about.



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