Chickpea, Spinach + Potato “Samosa Pie”

“Samosas are individual hand pie–size creations that encase tasty fillings in an equally tasty crust. The choices for fillings are endless, including the popular spiced potatoes, spiced chickpeas, paneer, and ground lamb. I make this larger version that I’ve nicknamed the “samosa pie” whenever I want the flavor and texture of a samosa for dinner … Read more

Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies

I wanted to really play up the almond vibes in these so I added in some super fine almond flour and toasted, sliced almonds. Bonus, these are also dairy free and use only one bowl! The texture in these is UNREAL–they are so soft and chewy and stay deliciously so for days. I give instructions using an electric stand mixer … Read more

Petite Vanilla Cakes

Vanilla is definitely the star of the show in these little bundts that pack mega flavor! This super moist batter can also be made into a 10-cup bundt pan (for one big cake), baked in the center of the oven for 40 minutes at the same temperature as the minis. I garnished with sprigs of … Read more

Strawberry Cucumber Tomato Salad

In many of my salads, I pack as much flavor and texture as possible into the dressing, using it to bridge other ingredients or add layers of complexity to the dish. Not so with this salad! Here, I only need the simplest of vinaigrettes—vinegar, oil, and salt—to tie everything together. Why? Because I’m using two ingredients that are loaded with flavor: super-sweet, apricot-colored Sungold tomatoes and strawberries, which become even more intense with a turn on the grill. As with any strawberry-based dish, try to skip the supermarket and seek out locally grown strawberries in the late spring and early summer. There are hundreds of varieties grown in the U.S.; Tristar and Earliglow are two of my favorites, but I generally buy the smallest berries on offer, which will have the most intense flavor.

The Takeaway
Strawberries can really take the heat of a grill, but it’s vital to season them right before you throw them on, or they’ll become too wet to get a good sear. It can be tricky to grill smaller strawberries, so use a wire grill basket, which also prevents you from having to move the strawberries around with tongs, which can easily damage them.


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