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Say Hello to Our Chef Ambassador Lish Steiling

We’re thrilled to introduce our Chef Ambassador Lish Steiling!!



Hello everyone! I’m chef and Emmy-winning culinary producer @lishsteiling. I, along with my wife, co-founded @the_taste_curators where we are empowering people to find beauty and inspiration in what connects us all everyday: food, fashion and design. My love of olive oil runs deep given my last job was working for a well-known Italian chef. It may be the one food item aside from kosher salt that I use the most in my kitchen.  @caoliveranch hits all the marks for me; versatile, affordable, accessible and above all, delicious. All of those things inspire me to make it the star of a dish, or two or three. Stay tuned for those 3 recipes showcasing this olive oil and all the magic it has to offer.


3 Recipes from Chef Lish Steiling featuring our 100% California Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

Shrimp Confit

Shrimp that has been slowly poached in a bath of garlic and herb filled olive oil? Sounds like a thing dreams are made of. It’s even easier than it sounds and as a bonus, packs a punch of sweet, herbal flavor. If you can help yourself, save some for the next day. The shrimp pick up even more of the goodness as it is stored in the oil. Get the recipe here>>


Stem Salsa Verde

Waste not, want not. For this bright and fresh salsa verde, chef @lishsteiling uses all but the last inch of stem on the herbs and wow, does it pack a punch. You will want to serve this on everything from grilled meats and seafood to drizzled over pizza or flat bread. You can even use it as a condiment to a cheese board. Get the super versatile recipe here>>


Chocolate Ice Cream with Olive Oil

After all, olives are fruit, right? So pairing the fruity and grassy notes of California Olive Ranch extra virgin olive oil with chocolate ice cream seems like a no brainer. A little pinch of flake salt marries the whole dish together. A sweet and savory combination made in heaven. Get the recipe here>>


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