7 Great Foods You Never Thought To Grill

Collage Unusual Grilled FoodsBurgers … hot dogs … eggplant … corn … . They’re among the usual suspects that spring to mind when it comes to cooking over live fire. But maybe you’re like us – always looking for ways to expand your grilling repertoire. Fortunately, you’ve got options. Lots of them. Extra virgin olive oil, naturally, plays a role in making these foods taste great.


The apricots we bought at the farmers’ market and grilled tasted like candy. We halved and pitted the apricots, and then brushed them with extra virgin olive oil. We grilled both sides until nicely marked. We topped the grilled apricots with our robust Limited Reserve olive oil, good balsamic, and chopped mint. Like we said … candy!


Grilled avocados have a lightly smoky flavor and a somewhat silky texture. The added bonus: They’re easy and quick. Here’s how we do it: Halve. Pit. Brush flesh with extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice. Grill cut side down 5-7 minutes. Drizzle grilled halves with more olive oil and lemon juice. Add a sprinkle of sea salt. Scoop out. Eat!

Baby Bok Choy

Grilled baby bok choy is a treat. Our first time, we cut them in half, and then marinated them briefly in a 50-50 combination of extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice – along with salt and pepper. We grilled the halves until they got nice grill marks, and then cut away any leaves which were overly charred. Next time we plan to separate the tender leaves from the stalks beforehand, and then reunite the leaves with the grilled stalks on a serving platter. Either way, we’re guessing you’ll be pleased with the results.


Grilled Broccoli? Who would have thought! We gave it a try and were pleasantly surprised. Here’s who we did it. We sliced the broccoli into sizeable florets and tossed them with extra virgin olive oil. We then cooked them on the grill, turning occasionally until nice grill marks appeared. One tip: Cut the larger heads into long, flatter pieces for easier grilling. And be sure to give the finished broccoli a sprinkle of salt and pepper along with a drizzle of peppery extra virgin olive oil, like our Miller’s Blend.

Brussels Sprouts

Grilled Brussels sprouts were a new concept in our “test kitchen” when we first prepared them. And we weren’t disappointed. They have a pleasant smokiness. And they’re a huge step up from boiled sprouts, which can emit a sulfurous stench. To prepare, boil briefly, toss with extra virgin olive oil, and cook over live fire until nicely charred. (Click here to see a recipe from Food52 for grilled Brussels sprouts.)


We tried grilling leeks at the suggestion of one of our Facebook fans. We simply followed their suggestion. Halved them. Rinsed the halves to remove any grit. Brushed the halves with extra virgin olive oil. Grilled them. Topped the grilled halves with our Limited Reserve and a sprinkle of sea salt. The verdict: Delish!


Grilling is an easy way to jazz up polenta – either store-bought or homemade. Cut into squares. Brush with extra virgin olive oil. Grill until you get nice grill marks. Top with more olive oil and sea salt. They’re great as an appetizer … or a side dish.

Tell us your favorite unusual foods that are great on the grill.

Bon appétit,

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