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Six Great (and Unexpected) Ways to Enjoy Olive Oil With Breakfast

Olive Oil for Breakfast

Extra virgin olive oil for breakfast? That’s one meal that doesn’t typically jump to mind when it comes to olive oil. But there are many ways flavorful olive oil can be enjoyed as part of your morning regimen – especially as a substitute for butter.

“I put olive oil in everything,” Nekisia Davis, whose company Early Bird Foods makes a popular granola using olive oil, tells The New York Times. “I make French toast in olive oil. I put it on toast with jelly. Besides, the fat in olive oil is really good for you; it negates itself.”

Below are 6 more ways to enjoy olive oil with breakfast.

  1. Use it to fry – or scramble – eggs. Washington Post food writer Joe Yonan became a convert to olive oil-fried eggs in Spain, noting the technique gives the whites a nice, crispy edge. “They puff up and get lacy and browned in seconds, leaving the yolk still runny (if you pull them out quickly enough, that is) but creating even more of those caramelized edges,” he writes. And, if you want to really kick your breakfast eggs up a notch, get our recipe for olive oil-fried eggs topped with a Spanish-inspired Romesco sauce.
  2. Drizzle peppery olive oil, like our Miller’s Blend or Rich & Robust oils, on toast. Consider it bruschetta for breakfast – that wonderful Tuscan dish designed to show off the new olive oil during harvest. To prepare bruschetta, toasted bread is rubbed with garlic – though you can pass that up for breakfast, if you prefer – and then drenched with good olive oil. You also can add a sprinkle of sea salt, if you’d like – or dream up your own combination, like chopped tomatoes or, as Davis does, jelly.
  3. Drizzle good olive oil on an omelet cooked in olive oil. It adds a wonderful layer of flavor and melds nicely with the mushrooms or cheese wrapped inside.
  4. Mix olive oil into pancakes or waffles as a substitute for butter. Cookbook author Fran Gage suggests substituting three-quarters of the amount of butter called for in a waffle or pancake recipe with olive oil. So a recipe calling for a stick of butter, or 8 tablespoons, would use 6 tablespoons of olive oil. You can also find recipes on our website for olive oil pancakes – courtesy chef Jose Andres – as well as lavender-infused olive oil waffles.
  5. Use good, fruity olive oil, like Arbequina, as a topping for oatmeal along with brown sugar, honey, or freshly grated Parmesan cheese. These are flavor combinations that people have passed along to us over the years. No doubt, countless others are waiting to be tried.
  6. Make olive oil granola. Food writer Melissa Clark became an olive oil granola convert after sampling some. “Although I’m not a granola expert, when I have made the stuff, it’s always been slicked with a neutral oil such as safflower, which adds richness and helps crisp the oats but does nothing for the flavor,” she writes. “Using good extra virgin oil, along with a hefty dose of salt, was a brilliant twist.” We’ve become converts to Clark’s recipe for olive oil granola. We use our Everyday Fresh oil and substitute dried cranberries for the dried apricots called for in the recipe.

Let us know how you like to use olive oil with your breakfast.

Bon appétit,

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