Spring Baking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

rhubarb breakfast cake

Photo Courtesy of Kimberley Hasselbrink of The Year in Food.

From fresh muffins in the morning to elegant dinner party tarts, spring produce will make your baked goods bloom. Fresh strawberries make a fantastic plump treat tossed into flour and sugar – and more complex when paired with tart, seasonal rhubarb. Bright lemons make cookies and tarts shine. Prepare your pan for a season of simple baking this spring.

The most obvious crop to set off the Spring-O-Meter is the humble strawberry. Go classic with a strawberry shortcake in all its glory – a rich olive oil cake surrounding berries and tangy cream. Turn heads with these adorable berry jam tarts with olive oil and hazelnut oil crust. And for breakfast? This strawberry balsamic and olive oil breakfast cake makes waking up worth it.

Grab long, red stalks of rhubarb if you can find them! Strawberry’s best friend is stellar in sweet and tart strawberry rhubarb compote, or when roasted with honey atop cake. You’ll also go nuts for these pretty little(and gluten-free!) rhubarb cakelettes with almonds.

Nothing perks up cookies, muffins, or tarts like puckery lemons. This sunny lemon tart with olive oil will brighten the sweet spot of any meal. Zest two lemons and you’re on your way to exquisite shortbread with lemon, rosemary, and olive oil. These light lemony muffins with olive oil and ricotta teeter perfectly between sweet and savory.

No matter how you slice, spoon, or serve it, spring produce shines in baked goods.


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