Steamed Wild Salmon with Leeks and Roasted Tomaotes

Tony Polito is all about healthy cooking and eating. The Boston chef uses fresh, raw foods and high-quality ingredients. It’s the kind of healthy that tastes good, like Polito’s steamed Alaskan salmon with leeks and roasted tomatoes.

Polito says steaming the salmon is a “great way” to retain the nutrients. It also ensures the fish stays moist. (Click here to get the recipe for steamed wild salmon.)

Polito performs cooking shows on local TV and radio stations in the Boston area. And he shows people how to make better choices in the foods they eat. He helped his mom lose more than 100 pounds. Polito has taken his recipes and produced a cookbook entitled Fresh (Aurora Foods Publishing, 2010).

He’s a treasure trove of information.

“We all know that all fish have fins. But not all have scales,” he notes. “Fish with scales (including salmon) are top feeders, and so are much healthier for you and contain lower levels of mercury.”

Polito also points out salmon is “packed” with healthful omega-3 fatty acids, “which help decrease triglyceride levels.” Omega-3 fatty acids, by the way, are considered an essential fatty acid. Your body doesn’t produce them. Instead, you need to get them through the foods you eat.

“And if you’re looking for a great source of protein,” says Polito, “salmon is always good.”

The steamed salmon is accompanied by cherry tomatoes which have been roasted briefly in the oven, as well as chopped leeks and chopped red, yellow and green bell peppers. The salmon and vegetables are steamed in a covered pan with a bit of chicken broth. The dish gets a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil before it’s served.

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Claude S. Weiller
Vice President of Sales & Marketing
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