Tasting Notes For Our 2014 California Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Our new 2014 extra virgin olive oils should begin appearing on store shelves over the next few months – although their  exact availability at a particular store will depend. You’ll recall we had a bumper olive crop last fall. And the quality of the oil is excellent, thanks to good weather and growing conditions. We … Read more

We’ll Soon Begin Bottling Our 2014 California Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Last fall’s olive harvest was the most successful in our history. We’ll begin bottling this excellent extra virgin olive oil shortly. We’ll then start shipping it to stores.  The oil should begin appearing on shelves over the next few months – though it’s  precise availability at a store near you will depend. That said, let … Read more

Ranch Update: Our Trees Take A Nap; Looking Back At The Olive Harvest

Our fall harvest was one for the record books. It was our biggest ever. We checked in with my colleague Brian Mori to tell us more about the harvest. In our chat, Brian also explained how our olive trees weather the winter – and what next to expect when we head into spring. Brian works … Read more

You Can Now Order The Freshest Olive Oil We Mill: Limited Reserve

A favorite responsibility of mine during our olive harvest is choosing the oils we use to make our Limited Reserve extra virgin olive oil. It’s our most prized oil – the freshest we mill. When you taste Limited Reserve, you experience a sudden and amazing fresh olive fruitiness, followed by a pleasant peppery tickle in … Read more

Olive Oil Harvest Set To Begin Here At California Olive Ranch

We begin our olive harvest next month. My colleagues and I at the mill will make extra virgin olive oil 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for about six weeks. It’s the greatest time of year. We pitch in to get the job done. The mill smells of wonderfully fresh olive oil. And, … Read more


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