Two Recipes Featuring Our Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A bottle of California Olive Ranch Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil sitting next to a dish of spring Panzanella salad.

While we are strong believers in the workhorse, everyday extra virgin olive oil, some situations are benefited from an olive oil that shines a little brighter. Such is the case with these recipes, where fresh produce and simple ingredients are the canvas for our Arbequina extra virgin olive oil. Our Reserve Collection Arbequina is a … Read more

From Fruity to Robust, the Olive Varietals We Grow

To many, olives fall into one of two categories – green or black. In fact, there are hundreds of varietals of olives. And, little known fact: all olives will generally first appear on the tree as green, and turn a darker purple as they ripen and mature. While some olives are grown to be cured and served … Read more

A Primer On the Arbequina Olive We Grow and Use for Our Olive Oil

When people ask us about our different extra virgin olive oils, we begin by saying: “Think of extra virgin olive oil like wine.” Just like different wines are made from different grapes, like Cabernet Sauvignon or Sauvignon Blanc, different olive oils are made from different olives. Each olive varietal has its own flavor profile and … Read more


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