Spotlight: the Arobosana Olive and the “Floral” Oil It Yields

We’re counting down the days until our harvest begins. With that in mind, we’ll turn our attention to the second of three olives we grow in northern California, Arbosana, after focusing on the Arbequina olive last week. The Arobosana olive produces a medium-robust oil that’s great with chocolate – think olive oil chocolate mousse. It’s also … Read more

Primer On the Arbosana Olive and the Oil It Makes (Great with Chocolate!)

If you’re a chocolate lover – like I am – then you’ll like the Arbosana olive. The medium-robust oil it produces pairs beautifully with chocolate. Think of using Arbosana in an olive oil chocolate mousse – or drizzling some over your favorite chocolate ice cream along with a sprinkling of flaky sea salt. Last week … Read more

Olive Oil Primer: A Look at the Arbosana Olive

California’s winemakers looked to countries such as France, Italy, and Spain for the grapes they now grow here and crush into wine. Chardonnay, as you may know, is the white grape of France’s famed Burgundy region. California’s extra virgin olive oil industry is much the same. We use olives that hail originally from Spain and … Read more

Olive Oil Primer: What is the Arbosana Olive?

I hooked up with two colleagues recently in Denver. The weather was chilly and wet, a bit unusual for Colorado in July. But we had a great lunch at The Capital Grille. We ordered seafood – I can recommend the sea scallops with gingered rice and white miso broth. Afterward, we chatted with the executive … Read more


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