An Asparagus Pesto That Offers Countless “Delicious Possibilities”

Asparagus is one of our favorite things about spring. We’ve been buying loads of the stuff. We steam the spears in our special asparagus steamer, roast them in the oven or on top of the stove, and grill them. The most intriguing dish we’ve had so far is the asparagus pesto featured here. (Click here … Read more

An “Exotic,” “Massively Flavorful” Asparagus Salad w/ Ginger-Citrus Dressing

We recently asked our Facebook fans about their favorite spring vegetable. Asparagus was the hands-down winner. No surprise. I happen to love it, too! And so does our friend Viviane Baquet Farre, who developed the beautiful roasted asparagus salad featured here. (Click here to see the recipe.)   Asparagus Salad Viviane – creator of the gorgeous … Read more

Guest Blog: Sherry’s Pan-Fried Pasta w/ Asparagus

We recently broke bread and talked food with culinary and travel guru Sherry Page. We dined at Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen, in the Napa Valley. And we both ordered the “Incredible Mushroom Tamales.” The dish lived up to its name. Below is a guest post and seasonal recipe from Sherry — the first of what we … Read more

Asparagus Topped w/ Blue Cheese and Toasted Pine Nuts

After feasting on burgers, brownies and the like over July 4th weekend, we’re ready for something different. Asparagus falls into that category. It’s a breeze to cook, tastes good, and is good for you. The simple preparation featured here delivers plenty of flavor and features some favorite ingredients: toasted pine nuts and a bit of … Read more

Best of Two Greens: Mark Bittman’s Asparagus Pesto

Count me among those who really like to read newspapers. And that’s where we found this knockout recipe for asparagus pesto. Author and New York Times food writer Mark Bittman sums it up nicely: “I can eat this stuff with a spoon,” Bittman writes in his column, The Minimalist. We limited ourselves to a couple … Read more


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