Olive Oil 101: What You Need to Know

Despite being a common kitchen staple, there is a lot to know about extra virgin olive oil! The process of growing olives and milling them into oil has developed over many years, and has been adapted to a number of growing regions. Here is some of the basic, need-to-know information about extra virgin olive oil, … Read more

Top 5 Olive Oil Myths: No. 1 – The Fridge Test Is A Good Way To Check EVOO

U.S. consumers are better informed these days about selecting, tasting and cooking with extra virgin olive oil. It’s the top – and most expensive  – grade of olive oil, delivering the best taste and the full health benefits. Yet my colleagues and I still encounter plenty of bogus information on the Internet and elsewhere about … Read more

Baking a Better Holiday: A Trove of Baking Recipes Using Olive Oil – No Butter!

We challenged some talented food bloggers to create baking recipes using our extra virgin olive oil and flour from our friends at Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods. We were blown away by the high-quality recipes they delivered — everything from almond cranberry chocolate chip quick bread to a spicy and moist gingerbread cake just in … Read more

Meet Our Brand New Ranch Selects Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Big news! We’re excited to be introducing a brand new line of extra virgin olive oils this month: Ranch Selects. These three oils are crushed from select olives grown exclusively on our own “estate” ranches in northern California. The bottlings are new blends of oil from the olives we press in our mills. You’ll notice … Read more


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