From Fruity to Robust, the Olive Varietals We Grow

To many, olives fall into one of two categories – green or black. In fact, there are hundreds of varietals of olives. And, little known fact: all olives will generally first appear on the tree as green, and turn a darker purple as they ripen and mature. While some olives are grown to be cured and served … Read more

5 Recipes for a Festive Spread of Holiday Appetizers

Holiday appetizers don’t have to be complicated to be impressively full of flavor! These recipes all either have components that can be made ahead or will last for a few days, so feel free to make a big batch and have these snacks on hand for last minute guests and cocktail parties. Warm olives and spiced nuts … Read more

An Olive Oil Holiday Menu | Blogger Edition

We are constantly humbled and inspired by the wonderful community of food writers, recipe developers, and bloggers that use and love our olive oil! During the holiday season especially, sometimes we find ourselves wanting to cook to impress and seek out special recipes, and sometimes we just need a simple dish that we can get on the table … Read more

Looking Ahead to Harvest: the Arbequina Varietal

California Olive Ranch[/caption] Here we are! Another fall season is upon us and our olive harvest is only weeks away. At the beginning of the season, our ranchers pick the early-harvest olives, still green as opposed to later in the season when we see more mature purple fruit. These young olives are herbaceous and bold, … Read more

New California Olive Oil Testing/Labeling Standards Big Win for Consumers

The label says California extra virgin olive oil. But how can you be sure it’s the real thing: high-quality, California-grown olive oil without off-flavors or odors, or some other type of oil secretly slipped into the mix. Now you can be more certain, thanks to new state standards which represent a big victory for consumers across … Read more

Introducing Two New Olive Oils: Mild & Buttery and Rich & Robust

We’ve introduced two new flavor profiles to our family of extra virgin olive oils: Mild & Buttery and Rich & Robust. We crafted them as an extension of our popular Everyday Fresh oils, giving our customers more choices. They’re both great for a variety of uses.  The new oils are being rolled out to select … Read more

Ranch Update: Our Olives Are Accumulating Oil … Looking Ahead To Harvest

We’ve finally gotten some rain – not enough to break California’s historic drought, but enough to give us hope that relief will arrive this winter in the form of more precipitation. Fortunately, olive trees tolerate drought pretty well. In the orchards, the olives are getting bigger and our crews are looking ahead to the fall … Read more

Olive Oil Harvest Set To Begin Here At California Olive Ranch

We begin our olive harvest next month. My colleagues and I at the mill will make extra virgin olive oil 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for about six weeks. It’s the greatest time of year. We pitch in to get the job done. The mill smells of wonderfully fresh olive oil. And, … Read more

Meet Logan Jennings: One-Time Firefighter Now in the Olive Oil Business

Today I’d like you to meet a colleague at the mill: Logan Jennings. Logan, 27, oversees all aspects of olive oil production at our northern California mill, here in Artois. Having grown up around olives in Corning, Calif., he’s no stranger to the olive business. But he’s had a varied background. He worked as a … Read more

Our Miller Bob Explains How He Blends Our New Oils So They Taste Just Right

Our master miller, Bob Singletary, has been crushing olives and making olive oil for more than three decades. Lately, Bob has been sampling the oils made from the olives we gathered last fall. Like a winemaker, Bob also blends these oils to create just the right flavor of extra virgin olive oil. These oils will … Read more


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