Koroneiki – A Little Olive That Delivers a Peppery Zing In Your Throat

I’ll wrap up my look at the olive varietals that we grow with a primer on the Koroneiki olive. It produces our most robustly flavored oil. How so? We rate the intensity of our oils through an informal method: the “cough system.” It refers to the number of times you might cough when you swallow … Read more

Koroneiki: The Little Olive that Makes a Real “Cougher” of an Olive Oil

Wine gets rated on a 100-point scale. For extra virgin olive oil, we use a different system:  the cough system. In other words, how many times do you cough when you swallow the oil and you get that peppery zing in your throat. More robustly flavored oils elicit more coughs. Our Koroneiki oil is a … Read more


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