An Olive Oil Holiday Menu | Blogger Edition

We are constantly humbled and inspired by the wonderful community of food writers, recipe developers, and bloggers that use and love our olive oil! During the holiday season especially, sometimes we find ourselves wanting to cook to impress and seek out special recipes, and sometimes we just need a simple dish that we can get on the table … Read more

Looking Ahead to Harvest: the Arbequina Varietal

California Olive Ranch[/caption] Here we are! Another fall season is upon us and our olive harvest is only weeks away. At the beginning of the season, our ranchers pick the early-harvest olives, still green as opposed to later in the season when we see more mature purple fruit. These young olives are herbaceous and bold, … Read more

Ranch Update: the Drought and Our Olive Harvest; Sporting Harvest Beards

We’re thick into harvest, having started in early October. Our harvest teams are putting in 14-hour days to gather the olives and truck them to our northern California mill. The wonderful smell of fresh extra virgin olive oil permeates the mill. Meanwhile, the men on the harvest and milling teams are sporting their annual harvest … Read more

A Look at the Arbequina Olive and the Olive Oil it Yields

It’s hard to believe our olive harvest is just around the corner. It starts in October. Our harvest teams will begin gathering the olives and taking them to the mill, where our milling team will crush them into extra virgin olive oil. It’s an around-the-clock operation, representing the culmination of all the work we’ve devoted … Read more

Ranch Update: Our Olives Are Accumulating Oil … Looking Ahead To Harvest

We’ve finally gotten some rain – not enough to break California’s historic drought, but enough to give us hope that relief will arrive this winter in the form of more precipitation. Fortunately, olive trees tolerate drought pretty well. In the orchards, the olives are getting bigger and our crews are looking ahead to the fall … Read more

Spring Ranch Update: Flowering Olive Trees … Eyeing the Drought

Our olive trees are flowering here at the ranch. Baby olives will appear soon. At the same time, however, a historic drought continues to grip California. Water remains precious for farmers. We spoke about these and other issues with our own rancher, Brian Mori. Brian works with our family farmers, or contract growers, on crop … Read more

How We Blend Our Olive Oil To Craft Different Taste Profiles

Our master miller, Bob Singletary, has been making extra virgin olive oil for more than three decades – including a slew of oils awarded Gold and Silver medals at this year’s California Olive Oil Council annual competition. Lately, Bob has been sampling the oils made from the olives we gathered during our latest harvest. Like … Read more

We’ll Soon Begin Bottling Our 2014 California Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Last fall’s olive harvest was the most successful in our history. We’ll begin bottling this excellent extra virgin olive oil shortly. We’ll then start shipping it to stores.  The oil should begin appearing on shelves over the next few months – though it’s  precise availability at a store near you will depend. That said, let … Read more

Ranch Update: Our Trees Take A Nap; Looking Back At The Olive Harvest

Our fall harvest was one for the record books. It was our biggest ever. We checked in with my colleague Brian Mori to tell us more about the harvest. In our chat, Brian also explained how our olive trees weather the winter – and what next to expect when we head into spring. Brian works … Read more

California Olive Ranch Olive Harvest Begins; How We Know When to Start

Let the fall olive harvest begin! Trucks are delivering freshly picked olives to our mill here in northern California.  The milling team and I are then crushing them into extra virgin olive oil. Over the next several weeks, our field crews will gather olives from trees planted across some 15,000 acres in northern California. This … Read more


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