We Guarantee You’ll Love Our Olive Oil – Or We’ll Buy You Another Brand!

It’s an exciting time of year here at California Olive Ranch (COR). As I noted in a recent blog post, we’re gearing up to begin our annual harvest in a matter of days. Over the next several weeks, our ranchers, millers, and the rest of our COR team will be focused on making high-quality, delicious … Read more

Olive Oil Harvest Set To Begin Here At California Olive Ranch

We begin our olive harvest next month. My colleagues and I at the mill will make extra virgin olive oil 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for about six weeks. It’s the greatest time of year. We pitch in to get the job done. The mill smells of wonderfully fresh olive oil. And, … Read more

Koroneiki – A Little Olive That Delivers a Peppery Zing In Your Throat

I’ll wrap up my look at the olive varietals that we grow with a primer on the Koroneiki olive. It produces our most robustly flavored oil. How so? We rate the intensity of our oils through an informal method: the “cough system.” It refers to the number of times you might cough when you swallow … Read more

Meet Logan Jennings: One-Time Firefighter Now in the Olive Oil Business

Today I’d like you to meet a colleague at the mill: Logan Jennings. Logan, 27, oversees all aspects of olive oil production at our northern California mill, here in Artois. Having grown up around olives in Corning, Calif., he’s no stranger to the olive business. But he’s had a varied background. He worked as a … Read more

Spring at the Ranch – An Update On What’s Happening in the Olive Groves

Our olive trees have woken up from their winter slumber. And we’re heading into our “spring push” at our northern California ranches. In the olive groves, our orchard teams are watering the trees and doing light pruning to prepare them for the growing season. I asked one of our ranchers, Brian Mori, to give us … Read more

Our Rancher Brian Briefs Us On Our Record Olive Harvest

Brian Mori is catching up on his sleep over the holidays, now that our olive harvest is completed. We wrapped up the harvest at the end of November. Over the course of six weeks, Brian and other members of our harvest and milling teams put in long hours and weekends picking the olives and crushing … Read more

It’s Olive Harvest Time! A Robustly Flavored Oil On Tap, Our Rancher Says

We began our harvest on Saturday. Our harvest teams fanned out into the olive groves and began picking olives and trucking them to our northern California mill. There, our milling team is crushing the olives into extra virgin olive oil. We asked one of our ranchers, Brian Mori, to talk about this year’s harvest, our … Read more

Our Arbosana Olive Oil Named Best of USA in Global Competition

Time to share some big news: Our robust tasting Arbosana extra virgin olive oil was named Best U.S. Oil at the TerraOlivo international olive oil competition in Israel. It’s a big deal for us. (To celebrate, we’re offering a 20% discount on all online purchases of Arbosana this month; just type in the coupon code … Read more

Meet Miguel Lopez – Our Most Veteran Olive Rancher

Miguel Lopez is our longest serving employee. He’s been in our olive orchards since 2000, not long after we planted our first trees in Oroville. The 60-year-old Miguel grew up 20 minutes south of there, in Marysville. He tells us he loves farming. And he tells us how he likes to prepare his favorite fish: … Read more

Koroneiki: The Little Olive that Makes a Real “Cougher” of an Olive Oil

Wine gets rated on a 100-point scale. For extra virgin olive oil, we use a different system:  the cough system. In other words, how many times do you cough when you swallow the oil and you get that peppery zing in your throat. More robustly flavored oils elicit more coughs. Our Koroneiki oil is a … Read more


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